IQinVision provides a number of different smart camera software upgrades that increase the value of your IQeye cameras. From recording software solutions to remote access control to image verification - there's an IQapp for various applications!



IQrecorder™ video recording software allows you to easily record images to your network server, network attached storage (NAS) or on the security camera using a compact flash drive. IQrecorder is designed for stand-alone or small surveillance system installations and includes many sophisticated features.


  • Simple, intuitive GUI
  • Simultaneous playback & live video
  • Graphical time / date search
  • Multi-camera / multi-view capability

Visit the IQrecorder page



IQaccess turns select IQeye cameras into an access control system, intercom or remote attendant/notification system. When IQaccess is triggered, a video alert window pops on multiple PCs and lets the first responder open the door, activate the alarm, turn on the lights or use the two way audio.


  • Field upgradeable
  • Up to 8 local or remote users
  • Two-way Audio with select H.264 cameras
  • "After Hours" scheduling

Visit the IQaccess page



The IQmanager Software utility simplifies installation and management of IQeye cameras on the network, and it can be used to manage everything from small-scale systems with a few IP cameras to a large-scale video surveillance system with many cameras.


  • Discover IQeye camears on the network
  • Configure camera network settings manually or automatically
  • Manage firmware upgrades for single or multiple cameras
  • Pre-defined & user-defined camera grouping

Visit the IQmanager page


Direct-to-Storage (DTS)

DTS allows for a more scalable, robust and cost effective video recording system. With DTS, the server is resides in the camera. Storage can also be located in the camera – all while consuming less than 8W of power.


  • Scalable - No server limit on number of cameras.
  • Robust - No single point of failure. Each camera is its own system.
  • Cost Effective - No NVR licenses, servers, server software or power to run it all.
  • Open Platform/Architecture - SDK and APIs available for integration.



Fast changing lighting conditions can be a challenge to get consistently clear surveillance video. Use IQnight Light for areas like casinos or gated lot entry points, where lighting can be very dynamic.


  • Manage difficult lighting with ease
  • Adjust settings to accommodate wide range of light fluctuation



IQeye cameras with IQauthenticate have a unique encrypted digital signature that identifies the IQeye that produced the image and detects if the image has been altered, if even one pixel has been changed.


  • Digital signature to identify image manipulation


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