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We make it easy for you to design an HD Megapixel surveillance system that will exceed expectations and deliver the results you need for your unique security application. We’ve created several design tools that help design and specify video surveillance. Below you'll find calculators and resources for storage needs, frame rates, energy consumption and more! All of it is available online, 24/7 – FREE. Check back often for new and updated design tools!

IQeye Frames-per-Second Calculator

The surveillance industry is so busy chasing random technical specs we have lost sight of what we're here for: catching the bad guys! Determine what frame rate is REALLY necessary for your system. Getting the right fps will deliver the high-quality images you need while keeping your budget on target.

IQeye GREEN Calculator

Lets face it - everyone wants to save money these days and reducing costs with a video surveillance system is no exception. Use our GREEN calculator to find out how the IQeye Sentinel Series camera compares to others on the market and see for yourself how it can save you money.

IQeye Image Capture Calculator

Changing a few settings on your HD Megapixel network camera can result in varying quantities of images. Use this calculator to determine what resolution and frames-per-second settings can produce the appropriate number images for your surveillance needs.

IQeye Pixels-per-Foot Calculator

Select a few options to determine the necessary resolution based on pixels/foot and you can evaluate what type and how many HD Megapixel cameras you will need for surveillance coverage. Just one more way that you can maximize a limited budget and get a system that exceeds the security needs and expectations of end users.

IQeye Storage Calculator

With HD Megapixel network cameras, storage needs play an important factor in determining the best surveillance solution. Use this calculator to determine how different camera types, settings, and recording options can affect the amount of storage needed.

IQeye Lens Selector

Select the desired image detail (General, Forensic or High Detail) followed by the resolution of the camera you are considering. The calculator will tell you the maximum horizontal field-of-view that camera can cover with the desired image detail.

IQeye Forensic Field of View Calculator

If you know where the camera will be mounted, this design tool will help you determine the approximate field of view (degrees) you need in order to achieve the desired detail with a specific resolution IQeye camera. This can be very useful for selecting the right lens for your application.


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