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Facebook Launching Smart Glasses as Next Step to Augmented Reality (AR) – BKT Updates – Best Kodi Tips

Last week, we saw the Facebook AR glasses, and it’s not just a phone. This week we saw the news that Facebook has been working with a number of other companies in order to build a full ecosystem of smart glasses.

Following the introduction of Facebook’s Oculus Rift last year, it looks like Facebook is ready to introduce another AR device to the market. The new device, called “Smart Glasses”, is supposedly a pair of glasses that will actually work on the Facebook platform, and can be used to play games, check out news, and even stream videos to your TV (to name a few). The device is not expected to be available to consumers anytime soon, but will be used as the next step toward a future of AR. With Google Glass entering the market, along with other manufacturers, it seems only fitting that Facebook would be the next to go down this road.

The 16th. In September, Facebook announced its first collection of smart glasses for next year. The company will partner with Luxottica to successfully launch the smart glasses in 2024.

According to Facebook’s CEO, the first smart glasses will be launched with products from Ray-Ban. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg during the company’s online conference call.

The Facebook CEO spoke about his experience visiting the factory of Luxottica, the maker of Ray-Ban. Mark says: After visiting their factory, I knew they would be the right partner for Facebook to purchase their first technology-based glasses.

Although Mark hasn’t revealed the exact details yet, he has hinted that the upcoming glasses will be a step towards augmented reality. The design will be attractive.

Facebook is about to get into AR, and that will be the first step towards the success of augmented reality. The company is also planning Project Aria, the next step in AR.

Plans for smart glasses have been talked about for a few years now. Today, Ray-Ban is satisfied with everything and the long-awaited first pair of glasses will be launched in 2024.