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Finding Your Slice of Heaven: 3 Best Places to Settle in San Bernardino County

Finding a dream home for your happy ever after is a difficult task. The fact that we have so many choices is both a blessing and a curse. With so many places to visit and choose from, it can get quite overwhelming.

Luckily, we can research from the comfort of our homes, which helps us narrow the options. You will, inevitably, have to visit your new home before falling in love with it, though. So, why not start investigating right away?

Let’s take a look at some of the ideal places for settling in San Bernardino County.

First Things First: Why San Bernardino County?

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You’re at a loss if you’ve never visited this unique place. Its border extends east to meet the state borders of Nevada and Arizona and five counties in California. It’s the nation’s largest county! It’s well known for the beautiful nature that surrounds it, making it a perfect place for all kinds of outdoor activities.

What’s great about this county is its multi-diverse environment, with as many as 24 towns! There are many places to visit and call home, depending on what you’re looking for. From country-styled beautiful cities for slow-paced living to excellent, high-end neighborhoods to raise your children, it’s the perfect place to settle in.

Since many people look for their forever homes in San Bernardino County, this makes researching and applying for open homes online easier. Plenty of websites offer good sales, such as sleeveuphomes.com/san-bernardino, which will make house hunting much more straightforward.

But let’s make it even easier for you by presenting the top 3 places to settle in in San Bernardino County! Let’s dive right in!

Top 3 Places to Settle in San Bernardino County: Our Picks

1. Redlands

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If you value a small-town atmosphere with great history and culture, Redlands is the place for you! Like most places in San Bernardino, this cozy town offers a friendly, suburban style of living.

This small place is filled with history, fantastic architecture, and culture. The residents care about the town very much, so they try to promote and preserve it at all costs. It’s a unique, close community, which gives Redlands a cozy, “American dream” feeling.

While preserving their history, the people of Redlands are also focused on their future. The public schools are highly rated, and the town is full of beautiful parks and playgrounds for children to play in. It’s an amazing place to raise a family since safety and neighborly culture are very important. There is also an impressive public library inside a beautiful, historic building open to everyone hungry for knowledge.

Besides that, there are plenty of restaurants with diverse types of food all around town, night markets, and even a Redlands Bowl, their local version of Hollywood Bowl, making this place full of entertainment for both old and young. The approximate population is a little bit over 72.500 residents.

All in all, Redlands offers everything a family could ask for! From the nature surrounding it to fun activities in the town, it’s a perfect place to raise a family.

2. Loma Linda

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Loma Linda is the perfect place for a friendly, suburban lifestyle. Many families live here since the public school system is highly ranked. There are a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks for any afternoon activity, giving this place a cozy, know-your-neighbor vibe. The residents of this friendly neighborhood tend to the liberal side, so many young couples also choose to live there. That’s why most people rent their homes instead of buying.

It’s a safe, free-spirited place where people enjoy walks with their kids and pets. No wonder everyone wants to feel that atmosphere, at least for some time! Not to mention the beautiful mountains that surround Loma Linda, this is also the perfect place for nature lovers.

The overall population is somewhat lower than 24.800 people.

If you want a quiet, safe place to raise your children or live in an open suburban area with beautiful nature, this is the perfect place for you. Fun fact: Loma Linda is one of the six worldwide blue zones – one of the six places with the highest number of 100+ years old residents!

3. Chino Hills

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Chino Hills is the suburban part of Riverside and is the perfect picture of suburban life. The difference between Chino Hills and Loma Linda is that most residents own their homes, so most are families with children. The population is about 78.000 residents.

Like the rest of San Bernardino, it’s known for its cozy, suburban style of living. With lots of coffee shops, shopping malls, and parks, it’s perfect for after-work activities. However, if you want to escape for a weekend, there are many options for outdoor activities. From skiing to hiking, San Bernardino has everything in your hands.

Amazing hills, as the name says, are perfect for nature lovers! There are a lot of trails for hiking and even riding horses if you want to!  The only downside of this place is the real estate prices, which tend to get relatively high. However, many parents are ready to pay that price to send their kids to their public schools, which are quite reputable.

Since all three places are fantastic choices for your dream home, you should visit them before deciding to settle in one of them. Although similar and close by, they all offer a unique feeling, so you must feel the atmosphere to be sure which one is perfect for you.

Big Bear Lake of San Bernardino County

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We’ve mentioned the overall beauty of San Bernardino’s nature, but what places could you enjoy?

The number one place you mustn’t miss is Big Bear Lake. Placed in the center of California, it’s the perfect place for all outdoor activities. All year round, it’s a home for seasonal activities.

In the winter, it’s a perfect place for skiing and snowboarding. Even small children will enjoy this winter utopia, with many places adjusted to kids’ activities, such as snow tubing. However, even the oldest can enjoy this beautiful town, with many paths secured for walking amongst the snow-covered forest.

On the other hand, when the temperature reaches its peak and the heat is unbearable, Big Bear Lake is the perfect place to cool down! There are a lot of activities for the whole family. Everyone will find something to do, from all possible recreation on the water to hiking and mountain biking. It’s just the place for a summer vacation and an escape from loud cities and traffic.

Wrapping It Up

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Even if you have no intention of settling in San Bernardino County, don’t forget to visit this beautiful place full of history, a small-town atmosphere, and the most outstanding nature because it’s worth a place on your bucket list!

However, if you do, you won’t regret a thing! It certainly is a little piece of heaven on Earth, with everything you could need for a comfortable, cozy life among friendly neighbors.

We hope this article has opened your eyes to San Bernardino’s beauty and made it a possible place for your happy ever after! Best of luck with finding your perfect home!