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Combat Rogue Guide in PvE

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It’s worth noting a combat rouge in Rogue’s specs. Its goal is to competently manage resources and inflict maximum damage on targets that are located nearby. This is a character with the maximum number of skills.

He is invincible in any fight, even the most serious situations don’t confuse him. It is the most effective when using cleave damage and explosive AOE. To enhance the specialization of the rogue, use the special effects that distinguish the character.

He rapidly accumulates combo points, doesn’t miss an opportunity to hit the enemy with a powerful blow. Use the WoW boosting services to maximize your character skills and tune in to win the game.

Covenant’s top

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To stay strong and invincible at all times, it is worth researching information on the best Covenants. Top picks for the combat rogue are:

  1. Night folk. You don’t need to keep track of time or change rotation to apply the covenant. The Sepsis ability is great even for novice gamers.
  2. Kirian. Your ability is a continuous rebuke. It is necessary to strengthen each technique aimed at eliminating the enemy.
  3. Necrolords. You can use the Jagged Bone Thorn. It makes a great addition to the Role Model. Used in AoE situations.
  4. Ventirs. In battles with tmany targets, it is worth using a different covenant. This one is perfect for single target combat.

Each faction sets its own rules, so don’t rush to choose a new covenant — you may not have reached the maximum in yours yet. You can only join the covenant after level 60, so there is plenty of time while the character is boosting to get to know each faction.

The best guides and legendary items

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The combat rogue has the best guides to increase their strength and defeat the most fearsome foe. The first is “verified risk”. When you use Surprise Strike or Eliminate, the Roll the Bones buff can be triggered.

Since “Elimination” is the main spell used by gamers, this guide will be a great addition during a fight. If you want to apply palmistry, a roll of the dice will be added to you. It’s perfect for battles regardless of the number of targets.

To increase the damage of the “adrenaline rush” skill, use “swiftness”. The benefits of this effect are especially noticeable when there is the battlefield is a meat grinder. Mythic + perfectly complements the character in raids.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a legendary item, try the Pendant of Savvy. Damage will increase by 5% after every sixth Sneaky Strike. At the final stage, the effect lasts 12 seconds. This item is great for long fights.

Another legendary item is the Mark of the Master Assassin. When the rogue comes out of stealth or the Disappear effect ends, you will receive crits. The enemy’s damage will be huge. If the character can become invisible frequently, the item is more effective.

External level talents

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Azerite items will be more valuable if you use external-level talents. Among the new talents, it is worth noting “stay alert.” This is the best choice for those going into the dungeon. The talent has recently appeared in the game, so its benefits haven’t yet been fully appreciated.

You will need at least three copies of “snake eyes” if you want to boost your character as much as possible. They are also suitable for dungeons. The strength of the talent depends on the level of the item. Those who have collected three level 385 objects (with “snake eyes») can use a simplified build. The effectiveness will be commensurate with the usual builds.

If you want to use the talent without adding, the versatile death shot is for you. As the number of targets increases, its usefulness increases. If you get items in raids, the probability of getting the talent is reduced to zero, since it is not there. Ace in the sleeve has similar advantages. Such talents are obtained in raids, as opposed to the death shot.

For those who go on a raid, a copy from the “archive of the titans”, “laser grating”, will do. Such talents create the effect of the “Reconstruction Matrix“. As an add-on, your character will receive a stat bonus. Its disadvantage is that the bonus doesn’t work in the dungeons. You can use it during the battles in Uldir. If you use it in a dungeon, you will only harm the rival. Controls will be removed from monsters, so think carefully before choosing a new talent.

Simulation mode doesn’t display “Combat Accuracy” correctly. And in a real battle, the effect of the talent may be completely different. To summarize: if you go on a raid, use x1 “archive of the titans” and x2 “death shot”. For those who want to try their hand in the dungeons, x3 “lethal shot” and “snake eyes” will help. If you’re looking for additional stat bonuses, try the Rot Saturation and Sandstorm talents. Such privileges will help you cope with both one and several goals.

Azerite armor

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If you compare several Azerite items before choosing, it is worth picking the one with the higher level. It will add agility to your character that exceeds the bonuses received from talents.

Sometimes this rule is not working. In this case, use a simulation and look at your character. Don’t forget that Azerite armor grants a lot more stamina. It cannot be compared to other uniforms. The armor makes it possible to stay alive even in the most terrible battle.

The main advantage of combat rogues is that their energy is replenished as quickly as possible. By choosing the appropriate equipment and talents, you will defeat the worst enemy and get a lot of fun out of the game.