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All the Subtleties of the Game and Tips for Playing for the Hunter Class with a Specialization in Shooting in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, as in all MMO RPGs, there are classes that play a special role in PVP and often these are mages and archers. This does not mean that the other classes are not so significant – no, but the opposition of pure magical and physical damage at long distances always plays a huge role in battles, especially massive ones.

An archer, regardless of his direct specialization, deals high physical damage from safe distances and has a number of skills to survive in a direct collision with the enemy.

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Who is Marksman Hunter in World of Warcraft WOTLK

Marksmanship Hunter is an active and mobile class that combines the physical damage to normal shots and the use of skills to drain enemy resources and deal serious damage from a safe distance and a large arsenal of various attacks and opportunities to escape and escape damage from all types of enemies.

The character combines various bites – skills that deal different types of damage and impose negative effects that can be extended and applied in any order you see fit.

Skills to use when playing as Marksman Hunter

Viper Sting is a skill that deals damage to the target and drains mana from the enemy, replenishing it to the character. An effective skill against magicians who depend on mana and against all classes with a small amount of mana in general.

Chimera Shot – Deals damage and refreshes the effect of any bite, causing the debuff or damage to work one more time.

Disorienting shot – can only be used at close range. Allows you to quickly shoot at the enemy and make him lose his target and orientation in space.

Silencing shot – deals damage to the enemy and imposes a silence effect on the target.

Aimed shot – deals physical damage to the enemy and reduces the effectiveness of incoming healing by 50%.

Eye of the hawk – allows you to significantly increase the range for firing.

Concussive shot – allows you to deal damage to the enemy and slow down his movement speed by half.

Snake bite – deals damage to the target based on the damage of the weapon.

Arcane Shot – damage to the enemy, which will be applied under the attribute of dark magic, and not physical damage.

Automatic shooting – allows you to significantly increase the attack speed when firing and using skills.

Deterrence – allows you to dodge with a 100% chance from almost any skill and automatic attack, which is especially effective against enemies with a fast approach – especially daggers.

Disengage – You jump back to avoid damage, can only be used in combat – cannot be used to move backwards.

Wing clipping – with the help of a cold weapon, damage is inflicted on the enemy and his speed of movement is reduced.

Freeze Trap is one of the most powerful and annoying in terms of movement blocking skills. Places a chilling effect on the enemy that will prevent them from moving for 20 seconds. Breaking the ice will unlock the character.

Freeze Shot is a skill that allows you to remotely activate a freeze trap that will latch on and freeze the nearest target within its radius.

Volley is a strong attacking skill that deals damage to one target and two enemies that are next to it.

Feign Death is a skill that allows you to pretend to be dead in order to force the enemy to stop attacking. With the right use, you can even dodge targeted skills if you have time to react and burn the skill at the moment when the animation has already worked, but the damage has not yet passed.

The main characteristics that are worth developing with Marksman Hunter in the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

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Basic characteristics are the main parameters that develop along with the characters and strengthen it, revealing the main features of the class and advantages over other characters.


The main attribute that is inherent in most fighters, with physical damage.

Agility affects the quality of damage dealt when using active skills and normal attacks.

It is one of the fundamental attributes and is developed by equipping high quality armor, which gives an increase in agility in addition to the main characteristics.


Mastery is a parameter that is responsible for the effectiveness of the application of skills and their overall power. One of the most important characteristics for characters who attack with their abilities are archers, mages, daggers.

The more parameters of the Mastery characteristic, the less efforts and skills are needed to defeat the enemy, especially with weak armor. To fight against warriors and tanks, it is more important to develop slowdown skills and critical damage, but mastery will greatly increase the attacking potential.

Critical Damage

This is a stat that gives you a chance to deal double weapon power damage on normal shots and when using skills.

An important stat for an archer, especially when combined with eagle eye and auto-shooting, turns him into a deadly machine that takes out all lightly armored targets from a long distance.

Attack Power

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A stable stat that will always benefit by increasing the power of normal shots and skills, making the minimum damage much higher than it was before the increase in the stat.


In World of Warcraft, speed is not only the pace of movement, but also the speed of casting spells and attacks.

For an archer, who, although he has a boost from skills, should still have enough attack speed parameter for comfortable farming and PVP during auto fire cooldown.

Running speed will allow you to maneuver efficiently and deal damage without receiving damage in response.


A parameter that allows you to evenly develop the characteristics of attack and defense.

Due to the high indicators, you can significantly increase the damage against most opponents, but at the same time achieve a sufficient level of protection to survive most attacks and reduce the overall level of damage.