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Basics of Hearthstone Card Collection

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Did you know that if you have a character’s Battle Tag, you can see all the cards he or she has drawn? The Hearthstone collection has so many more uses that you don’t know about. We’re going to go over the entire collection in this article starting with the very basics and then moving on to the advanced features.

Hearthstone Collection: Navigation

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Starting with, thу main screen in the Hearthstone collection section features every single card in the game. You can go on the bottom-left and filter Wild, Standart and Classic cards. If you scroll down you can see every single card sorted by the set they are in and the wild sets as well. Next, you can right-click on a card to view it and check is a core card and it’s uncraftable. Or you can right-click any other card and see on the right you can check the expansion they were in, the rarity, and the artist who drew it. You can also see the card in its full glory and you can disenchant and recraft it. The collection is sorted by:

Mana first

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In alphabetical order

So it starts at zero mana then one and when it goes to one, the cards are shown in alphabetical order. On the top here you have every single Hearthstone class and the neutral cards represented by the little fangs. If we go on the very right over here, we have our coins. You have the default coin you can always use but you can also get other coins by collecting so many cards in an expansion and some coins you can only obtain through the Battle Pass. Next to the Сoin icon, we have your card backs.

Again right-click to look at a card back, left-click to make favorite. You can use the random card back meaning that in each game you’ll get a different card back. If you go over to the end of your collection, you’ll see these translucent card backs. If you right-click on them you can buy a card pack for some gold. or you’re going to have to get them by doing something special.

So for example you’d have to complete league of explorers in heroic to get a League of Explorers card back. There are so many cards backs in Hearthstone that people often turn to websites with pro-HS players to get some coveted one. The last tab is your hero skins and basically, if you left-click you can look at all the hero skins you have. These are the skins your hero will use in-game so for example, if I want to change my Warlock skin, I’d left-click on Gul’dan and make a favor. On the top here it changed from Nemzy to Gul’dan.

Some of these skins you can buy with gold. For example, if you want to buy a creepy Dame Hazelbark, you have to spend about 1800 gold. But some of these you can’t buy with gold, you only have to get them from an expansion release, some tavern passes or limited-time events.

Deck Making Settings

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So if we scroll down to the very bottom, you’ve got your new deck. And for example I want to build a Priest deck. So I pick Priest and i choose. You’ll see here that you have your core Priest deck which is cards all from the default core set. You’ll also have two pre-made decks that the game will give you. If you have less than 25 out of the 30 cards in the deck, the little icon on the bottom won’t pop up. It’ll just be sad like but that doesn’t mean you can’t still click the deck and press choose. And as you can see, on the right here you have all the cards in the deck. If you left click on replace cards option, it’ll give you a card that you can replace for the cards you don’t have. If you hover over your hero, you have a few options:

First, you can Rename your deck. So just click on that little text box and you can name it whatever you want. But as you can see, you only have a certain number of characters you can use so press enter and that’s the new deck name.

You can also Convert the deck to wild, meaning the deck is now playable in wild well. Actually, the deck is playable and wild if it’s just a standard deck but now you can add wild cards like Forbidden Words.

The Deck Helper option is just the replace card option but in a different place. This replaces all possible Hearthstone cards at once.

How to Copy Decks into Hearthstone

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Let’s say, for example, I want to show the entire world my Hunter deck. Go over to the hero’s name and press copy. What that does do? It copies your Hunter deck into your clipboard meaning you can paste it to something like notepad. How can this be useful? up i go control You can go to create a new deck and it says “Would you like to create a new deck from your clipboard?” and when you press yes you’ll have the Hunter deck that you just copied be put into your collection. But the main benefit of this is that you can monitor popular deck formation services and copy those meta decks in a couple of clicks to your collection!

Hidden Crafting Menu Features

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Now we’re going to get into the juicy stuff. At the bottom, you can sort cards by mana (from zero mana to seven plus mana). And right here is the Crafting button. You’re going to press this button a lot and let me show you why. I’m going to show you a few search terms that you need to type in the search bar of the collection. The first thing you can look up is missing and this will show you every single card that you’re missing. Since you can only have one copy of a legendary, you either have the legendary or you don’t have it. Say, for example, I want to start playing the shaman quest.

I right-click on it and that will craft the card now. If I left this menu, the card would be in my collection. I can press the “undo” button to refund all that dust and disenchant the card for free. And if you back into the main menu, you’ll see that now you can’t refund it.

You can just have to disenchant it for 400 dust and it’ll give you the warning. So the moment you leave the crafting menu after you’ve done something that is when that decision is permanent and when you disenchant the card or you recraft the card you have to do it for full dust!