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Is There a Link between the Gaming Industry and Gambling?

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There are some differences that you can simply understand when it comes to the comparison between gaming and gambling industries. First of all, the main point of gaming is entertainment, while the goal of gambling is to win real money.

However, it seems like the boundaries between them are fading in recent years, and one of the main factors that is leading to that is the technology. For example, there are many new attractive games where you can win money, like pokies. If you are interested in some of the best titles, check out best online pokies Australia for real money.

Moreover, we can see that many new virtual gambling games are using improved visual effects and gameplay. Also, a lot of people are playing them only for entertainment while the prize is the additional bonus. There are many other links, and we are going to present them in this article.

The Line is Getting Thinner

Source: medium.com

There are some changes seen in both of these industries that make them closer to each other. First of all, we have to mention the trend that is very popular for more than a decade in video games, which is related to random prizes and bonuses that you can buy to improve your skills, unlock new maps, missions, characters, and more.

The best example are loot boxes. You have to pay for this feature in the game, and the key is that you don’t know what the box will have inside. A lot of developers have implemented this feature. For example, FIFA has a similar system where you can buy packs of cards that contain players that you can later use to combine your team. The price of each pack can be the same, but there is always a chance that you will get weaker players or a lot of copies.

There are several reasons why gaming companies are introducing this feature. First of all, it is a great way to monetize the game even more. A lot of video games require additional payments, especially the most recent titles. It is not enough to simply buy video games anymore. On the other side, they have a system where you can choose between building your character by playing for a longer time and completing different missions, but there is also a quick way, which is buying packs, boxes, and items.

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A lot of players are not too happy about these features, especially when it comes to titles where spending more money is the only way to reach the highest level. There are some strict regulations in many countries where simple pay-to-win games are forbidden. Still, companies are getting around by introducing a system where not spending anything can still provide a player with a chance to play and reach higher levels, but it can all be much easier when you spend more money.

One of the examples that we have to mention is a card game Hearthstone. The point of this game is to create a powerful deck of cards and get more winning strikes. However, there are constant updates in the game where new cards are introduced, or some of the cards are removed or nerfed. Therefore, having a single strong deck all the time is not possible since you will have to follow the changes.

The reason why it is simple to gambling is because you can only buy random packs of cards, and you don’t know whether you will get the once you need for your strategy.

Therefore, it can lead to higher expenses when you are determined to create the right combination for your tactic.

On the other side, there is the influence of video games seen in gambling as well. That is especially the case with pokies. There are numerous new titles with improved visual effects, graphics, and many other features that makes them much more entertaining. If you prefer playing these new games, keep in mind that your balance should always be in the focus. It is now much easier to lose focus and face bigger losses.

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Furthermore, these is the expansion of eSports. The fact is that there are many video games that require advanced skills and a lot of experience. Some of the biggest tournaments in the world have prize pools that are measured in millions of dollars.

Therefore, the amount of money these pro gamers are earning is getting closer to salaries of professional athletes.

The interesting fact is that the Olympics in Tokyo that got canceled due to pandemic were going to be first that will have video games as one of official sports. We can expect to see that on the next competition. Also, the rise of those interested in betting on these tournaments is also getting these two industries closes. It was especially popular during the quarantine in 2020, where most of the pro leagues had to take a break.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many similarities between these two areas. First of all, the development of new technologies that both of them are implementing. Also, both video games and gambling are now more exciting. For instance, random prizes and unpredictability are making video games more fun, while advanced features leads to the same feeling for pokies and other virtual gambling options.

On the other side, it is related only to some details, while the main features are still completely different. The point is that you will play pokies or some table game if you prefer gambling, and additional features implemented form the gaming industry will only make your time even more interesting.

Also, some video games are using similar solutions to create more exciting environment for players and attract even more of them. That is the main link between them, along with the fact that eSports are becoming more popular among bettors. Still, the main difference is that you can win real money when gambling, while video games are only for entertainment.