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The History Of Bingo 

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Everything in the world has its history including the casino game bingo. Bingo is one of the most loved games that is played in the casino because of the game structure. This game has many benefits including health benefits. Elderly people are encouraged to play bingo because of the health benefits that it offers; it helps to develop their cognitive skills and also their mental and emotional health.

The history of bingo is a long one because it has a different history in Europe and America. Bingo was said to have started in Italy in the year 1530 and it got modified and adapted across borders in Europe before it was taken to a location like America in the 1990s, but it was known over there by the name of “beano” before it was called bingo.

Nowadays, bingo is now even played online, you can head over to inkedin.com to find the best casino that plays bingo. Bingo is a great game because it brings the same great joy and excitement when played anywhere as different players come together to share the excitement of this great game.

History of Bingo in Europe

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According to researchers, Italy was the place that bingo originated. In other words the birthplace of bingo. There in Italy, bingo was in the form of a national lottery called  “Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia”.

Records show that it was way back in 1530 that bingo originated and this had made a lot of people see Italians as pacesetters when it comes to casino games such as bingo and ever since then, the game has continued to increase and spread all over the world.

When it was the late 1770s, the game lotto had spread like wildfire across other countries that was bordering Italy and it crossed France. It was in France that bingo saw some radical changes made to it unlike how it was when it was in Italy.

For instance, it was changed into 3 rows and 9 verticals of what make up the 90 balls today. And then by the 1800s, bingo was already in Germany, where it was even used by children to learn and teach them numbers.

History of Bingo in the UK

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The casino game Bingo was introduced to the United Kingdom in the 1800s, almost the same time that the game was introduced to Germany. This game was so fascinating to the British at that time and is still one of the most loved and famous games played in the casino in the UK.

It is known that the British didn’t put many changes to the game of bingo but they only succeeded in bringing in some traditions to this game such as the Bingo Lingo. Bingo Lingo is the famous name that was given to the popular bingo calls.

This tradition that was brought in by the British was originally from the rhymes and slangs which came from Cockney Rhymes in the eastern part of London. These rhymes became popular and were now used when cards were being called in casinos when bingo was being played.

One of the ways as a beginner that you can learn bingo very fast is to learn bingo lingo. Many people who were beginners in the game of bingo have testified on how bingo lingo helped them to step up their game and become a pro at what you do.

History of Bingo in the USA

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Bingo didn’t come to America for that long, the people of America only started knowing bingo which back then was called Beano around the late 1920s so it has only been in America for a century or so.

According to many researchers, the first time that the game of bingo known then as  “beano” was noticed and played by North Americans, was in 1929. It is argued that this game came to America through a carnival around 1929. In America, By 1934, it was recorded that there were more than 10,000 bingo games that Americans engaged in to play almost every week.

Due to the influx of players in America, the casino game bingo generates not less than 90 million US dollars every week only in America making it one of the most played casino games over there.

According to researchers, America has contributed a lot to this game and has brought a lot of innovations to the game. They have introduced a lot of the online version of the bingo game that is very realistic and with the augmented and Virtual Reality that they have introduced, it almost feels as if you are playing bingo in a real casino.

History of Online Bingo

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The introduction of bingo online has come a long way too. Bingo was first introduced online in 1996 through a free play game called  “Bingo Zone”. This game is the pioneer online game of bingo and it was bingo in the simplest form. Since then, there has been fast progress with the way bingo software has created a huge amount of games, websites and mobile apps.

Bingo is now one of the massive choices that casino players go for because of how the gameplay is. Bingo is more fun, flexible or entertaining than before because of the new technologies that are used to build mobile apps and websites that are used to play bingo.

There is also more room for innovation online with new technologies rolling in all the time. The casino game bingo has come a long way and it is one of the most loved casino games and also it is among the casino games that have a long and rich history.

Casinos had started in Italy in the form of a lottery and it spread to France where it saw so many changes before it was introduced to Britain and Germany. America only started playing this game around the late 1920s. What you see above is a holistic history of bingo.