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10 European Countries That Are Famous for Casino Tourism

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Online casino popularity is undoubtedly on the rise due to the added convenience and extra incentives. However, the glory of land-based casinos has always been high, even today. It is because land-based casinos are known for their gambling vibe with exquisite settings and wealthy ambiance.

Apart from the well-known Las Vegas and Macau, there are many other popular destinations that are known for casinos and gambling centers. For instance, the countries in Western Europe are the second biggest when it comes to the number of land-based casinos.

What Are The Popular Countries In Europe For Casino Tourism

Here are some of the prominent countries in Europe that are known for their casinos and are likely to be the best places for European casino tourism.

1. United Kingdom

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There are about 2 million people that are involved in the casino and gaming business in the United Kingdom. About 70% of individuals who are of or more than 18 years of age regularly participate in lottery games. The UK is also known for having stunning casinos, apart from the normal tourist attractions. Resorts World Birmingham is one of the best global casinos in the UK, which began operating in 2015.

London’s gambling culture is one of the most varied in the European continent. There are over 100 physical casinos located all around the nation. With 70+ gaming tables, about 150 slot machines, and over 12 poker tables, Aspers Casino is the biggest casino in London. The Hippodrome Casino is the most active establishment in London, while Crockfords Club is another popular one.

2. Monaco

There is a lot to do and explore in Monaco, even though it is the second smallest country.

Monaco is favored by many travelers due to its abundance of gambling centers, in addition to its luxurious yachts and wealthy hotels. Monaco has four casinos, and almost all of them are well-known establishments.

The Casino de Monte Carlo is the most prominent of Monaco’s four casinos, which are nearly half as large as casino centers in Las Vegas. Monaco is a well-known gambling destination with a number of international casinos for foreign tourists.

3. France

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A few of the world’s oldest casino centers can be found in France. The residents enjoy playing poker, blackjack, and other gambling activities. The atmosphere, which has a classic feel to it, is what makes French casinos the most distinctive. You can find several elegant and opulent gambling establishments and resorts in Paris.

The magnificent Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains casino is located in France and is only 11 kilometers from the capital. Since it first opened its doors in 1902, this establishment has grown to include card game tables, slot machines, a high-end theater, and an atrium.

4. Italy

April 2024 saw the largest gross gambling revenue in Italy, totaling nearly €160 million.

Italy has a lengthy history of betting that goes back to the Roman empire. So it is not a shocking fact that residents enjoy placing bets on sports and casino activities. The money that gamblers spent on poker tournaments, card games, and casino games was very beneficial to the Italian gambling sector.

5. Germany

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The gambling industry in Germany generates about $ 4.5 billion in income each year. In the majority of Germany’s major cities, you can find slot machine halls. The revenue generated by the casino industry in this nation has now caught up with that of the UK.

The Baden-Baden resort, which is situated in the geographic center of Europe, has always been popular with locals and travelers from nearby nations for gambling.

6. Portugal

Portugal, a popular tourist destination, is also one of the gaming and casino hotspots in Europe. It is because of the Estoril establishment, which is a few miles from Lisbon in the coastal tourist town of Cascais. Estoril is unique since it has one of the busiest casinos in all of Europe. Additionally, the gambling facility is almost on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast, where people can enjoy the nightlife.

Other Portuguese cities, such as Lagos, Portimão, Porto, and Faro, also have tiny casinos.

If you would like to try playing different casino games like roulette, blackjack, slots, craps, poker, etc., it is best to check a reliable new casino online site.

7. Georgia

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Georgia has now become one of the few European nations with casinos thanks to its advancement as a popular gambling destination. Regarding online and land-based casinos, the gaming industry is undoubtedly becoming one of the fastest-growing in the nation.

In the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, there are several gambling centers. However, Batumi, which has the most casinos in the nation, is thought to be a real casino resort destination.

As a result, Batumi has earned the name “Vegas of the Black Sea.”

8. Spain

In 2019, gambling brought in a total of €8.9 billion in Spain. According to calculations, people spend over 1.9 billion euros annually on brands that are wholly controlled by Codere. People in Spain enjoy a variety of gambling activities related to football, slots, racing, bingo, and their preferred online casinos.

9. Estonia

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In Estonia, the gambling industry has only recently started to grow. However, Estonia has quickly emerged as one of the most desirable locations for both physical casinos and online casino portals. The legislation governing the gambling industry in the country first surfaced in 2009. After that, the nation has seen a steady increase in brand-new casinos and slot machine venues.

10. Latvia

Latvia has legalized gambling, much like numerous other nations that wish to expand the possibility for tourists to spend more money. In the heart of Riga’s Old Town, which is the capital city, there are a few casinos. You can find a few more casino centers throughout the country, but not as many as in other European countries.

Bottom Line

As western Europe is known for its wide collection of casinos, you can currently find many European countries hosting casino and gambling establishments. Some countries like the United Kingdom and France have the oldest and globally prominent casinos. At the same time, other countries are steadily emerging as new casino hotspots.