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What Is the Future of Solar – 3 Predictions for 2024

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In 2024, the global climate crisis comes to a head. The promising future of solar energy is often looked to as a solution by governments, businesses, and civilians alike. Even though everybody is talking about it these days, we can see that there are no significant steps to make the world economy and production, let’s say, greener. However, 2024 could be the year when all of that changes for the better. As you probably know, this is not the only source economies from all over the world are looking for.

Other renewable energy sources are also rising, but solar is among the most accessible for the everyday person. Just think about all the households that already installed panels to collect as much energy as possible. The process of switching to solar changed a lot since solar energy first became widely known. What used to feel like a pipe dream for millions is now an accessible reality. Take a look at some of the brightest solar predictions for the near future.

1. Futuristic, Modern Solar Technology

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As renewable energy takes root as a part of everyday life, so do other technologies unimaginable even a decade ago. The two concepts combine into exciting, modern solar products. A couple of decades ago, this was unimaginable, for obvious reasons. Thankfully, now we have all the options to make our energy production much more environmentally friendly. The only concern we have about it is that it is still too expensive for the vast majority of people on the planet.

After it becomes a standard, and the prices get lower, much more people will have a chance to afford it. However, it is not possible to predict when something like this will happen. Almost all modern solar panels are “smart” and include advanced tracking technology and apps. These systems help homeowners and solar companies optimize their panels. It’s easy to see how much energy the panels absorb and to pinpoint any issues before they grow too large to handle.

Consumers on the go seeking renewable energy can shop a widening range of portable solar products. Small USB-connected pads and generators let users charge small devices like phones and fitness trackers. These affordable goods bring the promise of solar energy to people who might otherwise never use it. Not only that, they can provide their users with a lot of flexibility, which wasn’t the case with the first couple of versions.

These technologies are only a few of many novel solar goods on today’s market.

2. More Jobs in the Solar Industry

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After the US job market hit new lows during the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands seeking employment can look to solar energy as a solution. You will certainly agree that new technology always opens numerous possibilities for people who are looking to make a career or are interested in switching from one profession to another. We are talking about a process that has been repeated countless times in the history of civilization.

More people switching to solar inspired leagues of new and growing companies, which is always a chance for smaller counties to create a whole new industry that can generate billions of US dollars annually. Still, the bigger players will always have a better starting position. Factories designing and making solar products need more employees, and so do the businesses installing them. Since we are talking about practically a new industry that’s about to arise, it’s not possible to make some accurate predictions.

Add in today’s “smart” technologies, and you’ll find an endless stream of web developers, graphic designers, and more are also key to keeping the industry running. There is no way anyone can underestimate the power of smart technologies. Just take a look at any industry out there, and you will see that it plays a crucial role in its further development. So, there is absolutely no doubt it will play a pivotal role in creating more jobs for the solar industry.

3. The Future of Solar Prices Is Bright

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Of all the solar predictions, the one most beloved by many is that switching to solar is cheaper than ever. Many experts point out that energy bills will be significantly lower for those who use this technology. Just think about it, the production process doesn’t require too much of an investment, and it doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment. We are talking about a win-win situation.

Solar panels and other technologies are more mainstream and easier to produce every year, evidenced by the fastest growing solar company and other quick-developing successes. With this rapid growth, the cost of panels and installation will continue to drop in the future, as we’ve already mentioned. With them being available for more people, the environment will suffer less harm from the production.

Those looking to save on energy bills and gain a “greener” reputation don’t need to spend as much upfront as they used to. Tax credits and rebates make switching realistic for homeowners and businesses alike. Since it’s in the interest of the whole of humanity to keep our planet in a sustainable condition, we don’t believe that any individual will be against it, especially with all the benefits it provides us with.

Another financial incentive is that using carbon-based energy costs more these days. Governments put more taxes and fines on emissions to encourage renewable energy use. Without any doubt, this will play a crucial role in establishing new habits for the whole population.

Chances are good that by the end of the new year, it’ll be light-years easier to use renewable energy…no pun intended!

Build a Life That Shines

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These predictions of solar will help you pinpoint the best way to add this growing technology to your life. When we see all the benefits of this approach, we cannot but agree that this is the future of human civilization. Still, more people should educate themselves on this topic. That way, they will know what to expect in the future. In this article, we are just scratching the surface.

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