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WordPress Tutorial on Basic WP Termenologies

Termenologies is a project to help WordPress users better understand older versions of WordPress. These tutorials are aimed at users who are new to WordPress, but have a basic working knowledge of the application.

Hello, I am just starting my journey of building a new blog. I am very much a novice and I need a good starting point. I am not sure what I should do at the moment and I am not sure of how to start my blog. I have been looking at the blog posts and tutorials on google, but I am not sure if they are suitable for a novice. I am planning to start my blog with the help of wordpress but I am not sure what to include in my new blog

This is to help new people to wordpress site, and also to the already wordpress user who want to know if there is a simple way to utilize the wordpress in their site. This blog will show you a simple WordPress Tutorial on basic wordpress termenologies.

You will be adding new articles to WordPress regularly. It’s good to know how to do this, the difference between records and pages, and how this content will appear on your site.

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to work with Gutenberg’s content and editor. If you want to see more WordPress tutorials, visit Web Monkey Online.

Difference between records and pages

There are two main concepts you can work with in WordPress: Records and pages. In the menu you will find different tools for each of these devices. Submissions are your blog content, news, current events and happenings. They are generally arranged in chronological order – the most recent post is at the top. Older items are moved down and stored in the archive. The pages use more consistent content.

That way, you don’t have to add and edit them as often as the folders. They are used to publish longer-term information. It can be, for example, B. a page : About us, contact and so on. When you create a new page, it does not appear online as an item. You need to add it to the side menu.

Record categories and tags

You can group entries into categories and assign labels to them. You may be wondering what tags are and how they differ from categories. Tags summarize similar content and describe an item. These are the keywords that describe the information in the article. There may be several in one entry. When creating, remember that categories and tags cannot be the same.

Categories are areas or sections of a page that help your site visitors find content. Categories may have their own subcategories. To better understand the difference between tags and categories, imagine your site as a book. The categories are like a list of the book’s contents, and the tags are like terms found in the book’s index.

Add a page and a record

In addition to entering a title and creating content, there are several features for adding a page. The Publish function allows you to control certain parameters, such as the visibility of the page and the publication date setting. You can view a preview of the page. You can also save a draft here. If you scroll down, you will find functions to add an image to the illustration.

When you click on Registrations in the WordPress menu, a list of all registrations, including category information, is displayed. At the top of the page you will find information such as the number of items and the number of items in the shopping cart. You can also filter them by category or date. Add new items by clicking the Add New button. You will also find a preview button and several additional options to customize the recording and its visibility. When the message is ready to be published, click Publish.

Using the visual WordPress editor

The WordPress visual editor shows your post as it is. On the other hand, the text editor also displays text with HTML codes. The option to change the current editor is located directly above the window in which you are creating content.

Entering text in the visual editor is very similar to working in a regular text editor. You can use keyboard shortcuts for different fonts and copy and paste text. The text entry window automatically adjusts to the amount of text. The length of your version does not matter.

For clarity, write in paragraphs. Press the Enter key to create it. If you want to write a new line but not start a new paragraph, press Shift + Enter. Header 1 is the header of the first level. This format is used for the name of your listing or page. Therefore, use level two to four titles for the text. To open the media library and add photos, videos, and audio files, click Add File.


It is not easy to determine the number of options available to the user in a constantly changing system. You don’t have to know them all. If you know the basic tools of WordPress, you can quickly get started and create the website of your dreams. When you learn the secrets of WordPress, you will create a website that is easy to read and intuitive to use.If you are looking to start a blog for your business, then you should learn how to set up your wordpress theme’s customizer. Once you have it set up, you will know exactly what your entire layout would look like, what colors you are going to use, and what other customizations you will need to make.. Read more about wordpress training free and let us know what you think.

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