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How to Calculate Costs to Ship a Car Across the Country

How to Calculate Costs to Ship a Car Across the Country

Whether you are moving to a new state and you have a long way to travel before you reach it, or you have other reasons for needing to transport a vehicle from that one state to another, you’ll need to think about using shipping services. In fact, you’ll absolutely need to use those services, because you clearly can’t drive that big distance. It’s not that it is impossible. It’s that it is not very favorable or comfortable, so you’d much rather avoid it.

Here are some reasons why you should ship and not drive:

While you’re most likely all for shipping and you’re sure that it is the best option for you, chances are you are a bit concerned about the costs of it all. I know that you have a budget to worry about and I get that you don’t want to waste any money unnecessarily, so let me make one thing clear here. The services really aren’t that expensive, and they are worth every penny, given the convenience they offer.

What the Costs Depend on

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Nevertheless, the above is not enough information for you. Understanding how much things will cost is important, because you need to get prepared. So as to get prepared, you’ll need to get a clear idea about what it is that the costs depend on. This way, you’ll be able to do some approximate calculations of your own and figure out how much money you’ll need to move your car across the country.

The Distance and Location

The primary factor influencing shipping car costs is the distance it needs to travel. Naturally, the longer the road that has to be traveled, the higher the prices will be. This may not sound that optimistic for you, given that we’re talking of across the country transportation, but don’t worry. It still pays off to pay for these services much more than to drive the auto yourself, because you won’t have any expenses related to gas, accommodation, food and similar things you may have to pay for on the road. Click this to read some more about the reasons why you should ship the car.

Another factor is the location. Specific locations for pickup and delivery can also influence the cost. If your destinations are in remote or less-traveled areas, it may be more expensive. Also, consider whether you opt for door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service. The first one is usually more convenient but can be pricier.

The Car Type

The type of vehicle you use will also dictate the price. Therefore, you’ll have to provide the professionals you’ll hire with the make and the model so they can give you a quote. This is because longer and heavier cars will take up more space on the transporter, which is why the professionals will charge more for those.

Also, the condition of your vehicle can affect the cost as well. Non-running or inoperable vehicles may require special equipment or handling, leading to higher costs.

The Carrier Type

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The carrier type is also a crucial factor. There are open ones and enclosed ones, and you will have to choose between the two. The enclosed carrier is usually a bit more expensive than the open one, given that it offers an extra layer of security for your vehicle. Yet, both options are secure enough, so if you’re looking to save some money, you may want to go for the open carrier solution.

The Company You’ll Choose

Not all of the shipping companies will charge the same amount of money, and that is the next thing that will impact on the price. Put simply, the firm you choose will have a direct say in the price, meaning you may get different quotes from different ones. So, getting a few different quotes could also be of help when choosing the firm, and the bottom line is that you can’t exactly do precise calculations before getting in touch with those firms, because you can never know how much they charge before you ask.

The Dates

One factor that may not have crossed your mind is the shipping date. To ship a car across the country, you’ll have to choose the dates that work for you, and the date you’ll choose will impact the costs. This is because of the amount of space left on the carriers for certain dates. Plus, the expedited solution that you may use if you are in a hurry will also cost more, so that’s another factor to keep in mind.

The time of year can impact pricing as well. Peak moving seasons, such as the summer months, may result in higher rates, so scheduling your shipment during the off-peak seasons or being flexible with your shipping dates can help you save money.

Is There an Easy Way to Do the Calculations?

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To calculate the total cost of shipping a car across the country, it’s essential to consider all these factors and obtain quotes from reputable car shipping companies. Keep in mind that the final price may also depend on market fluctuations, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and get quotes well in advance of your intended shipping date.

Does all of the above sound a bit too complicated for you, and do you believe that you can’t do the calculations alone based on the factors I’ve mentioned? If yes, then you are probably wondering if there is an easier way to actually calculate the costs. And the good news is – an easy way exists.

That easy way, naturally, consists of using those calculator tools that have been designed specifically to help people work out the car shipping costs. The tools are often provided by the companies that offer the actual services, so make sure to use those. Apart from working out the costs, these tools could also help you ultimately choose the right companies to be your partners when you’re in need of transporting your car across the country.