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Sk8 the Infinity Season 2: Updates You Need to Know Today!

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A series made for all the anime sports lovers out there. This Anime is about skateboarders and their experiences. Sk8 has a touch of romance to it, which will undoubtedly make you fall in love with this show. The sweetness of romance with the spice of action, drama and competitive mayhem keeps us coming back for this series.

A perfect blend of genres is why anime fans love this show. Sk8 updates are the talk of the town right now, and everyone is waiting for updates regarding when will be a season

Updates about the show

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Everyone, hold your breaths and keep up the excitement because Studio Bones and No Border animation have updated on something new that is coming up. There are high chances that this can be an alarm or an exciting heads up for Season 2 of Sk8 Infinity.

Fans are researching, binge-watching Season 1 and discussing what will happen in season 2.

So far, there isn’t any real news regarding season 2 or a film. The upcoming project can be a renewed season or even a movie, for that matter.

Seven thousand plus copies were sold, which is a significant number indeed. Everyone’s minds are occupied regarding how and what will be Season 2. It is said that the intensity, power and enigma would be at a higher level compared to Season 1.

New skateboard techniques and the upcoming new stunts are everything we are thinking of right now. The Infinity Season 2 date will be released in 2024 at the end of winter 2024.


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The story begins with a group of friends in Okinawa who are passionate and hardcore skaters, holding a competition at midnight. The name of the competition is ‘S’. Racing on the skateboards and forming kinds of beef with each other. All in all, a group of youngsters who want something happening all the time in their lives.

Reiki, a high school student, ends up with Langa in the midnight race. The main protagonist of the series is Reki. Who is outrageous and loves a good competition.

• Few interesting parts regarding skateboards.
• Real people and the edgy skateboards inspire all the skateboards designed in this show. • Real people inspire all the skateboard moves.
• The Decals are stylised in a unique way to highlight their characters.
• The show also depicts that sometimes passion is not equal to talent. This kind of realization can be harsh and, at times, breaks relationships.

Those who love skateboarding will personally love this show. The show gives entertainment and some worthy life lessons simultaneously, thus, making it a wholesome show. Let’s recap the previous season

Season 1ends with reki who loses the match. His skateboad wheel gets snatched away at the end of the season from his skateboard. However, the crowd supports, cheers and is full of excitement to push him to complete the match. Finally, Tadashilets Adam and Langa to race.

Latest updates


Production house hasn’t announced any new projects for The Infinity or anything regarding Season 2. However, few websites mentioned the arrival of more of The Infinity series.

Creators of the show have started working on the Sk8 project on July 4 2024.

A high chances that this project will be a movie.

The cast of Season 2, if it arrives:

• Tasuku Hatana starring as Reki
• Yasunari Matsomoto starring as Joe
• Hikaru Midorikawa stars as Cherry Blossom
• Chiaki Kobayashi starring as Miya
• Chiaki Kobayashi starring as Langa
• There is no official trailer for Season 2 due to a lack of confirmation
• No infromation about Sk8 showing same-sex romance in Season 2.

Characters and their brief description

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Reiki Kyan

An energetic and full of life schoolboy. He is exceptionally addicted to skateboard races.

He does his part-time work at a local skate shop.

Langa Hasegawa

A half-Japanese boy ended up joining Reki’s class. He grew up as a snowboarder and quickly grasped all the skateboard techniques. However, he is stubborn at times.

Miya Chinen

A Junior High School student who knows how to tackle a difficult situation. She is looking to represent Japan in Olympics. She is a cheeky girl who loves video games and cats.

Hiromi Higa

A girl who wears heavy metal type makeup. Also, a self-proclaimed dynamite flower and someone who isn’t ashamed of cheating in an ‘S’ race. She is ready to do anything to win.

Kojiro Nanjo

He is an owner and chef of an Italian restaurant. Karou is a childhood friend of Nanjo and his biking partner. A cheerful yet lustful personality. His skating has an edginess and a dynamic touch to it.

Kaoru Sakurayashiki

A high level ‘S’ racer who has an impeccable knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. A girl with pink hair. Her AI partner is Carla. A calculative personality and theoretically plans everything that is applied to skateboarding.

Ainosuke Shindo

The founder of ‘S’ and the legend of skateboarding. Unfortunately, he hides himself under a mask and remains a mystery.

Shokichi Oka

Manager of Dope skateboards, who manages these boards for the competition.

Tadashi Kikichu

Ainouske’s secretary and Tadashi taught Ainosuke skateboarding as well. In addition, he is in charge of managing the balls in the competition of ‘S’.


He only listens to the manager Oka and is the fennec fox of the Dope store.


Sakura Shiki’s favourite partner-like AI.

Nanako Hasegawa

She is Langa’s mother.


Infinity’s depiction of LGBTQ community and showing ‘Love is Love’ is rewarding. In this series it depicts the bisexual relationship, which encourages more people to come out with their real identities and be free towards the world without any fear.

The series also teaches us hard work, friendship and how everyone is different from one another in terms of actions, personality and motives in life. It also teaches how passion and talent are two other things, depicting it as the harsh truth of life. It also teaches that sometimes passion can let go of friendship. Overall, the series is a blockbuster collection of influential genres.