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How to Find a Life Partner Using a Numerology Reading?

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Choosing a partner with whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life is not easy. You jump from one relationship to another, looking for a person with whom you can find compatibility and who your friends and parents will also love. You ask your friends what they think of your partner, but it’s too tricky because everyone has different opinions coming from individual experiences.

Have you heard of World Numerology? Is it influential in deciding on a life partner? Let’s find out!

When deciding on a life partner, one must be specific because it’s a matter of whole life. You’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person, and god knows what situations you might face. So, they should be your best friend, your guide, a pillar of strength.

If you’re someone who thinks that life is all about discipline, you will find it tiring to be with a person who does things at the last minute. If you live life by instinct, you won’t be compatible with someone who’s too calculative. Although it might work for flings that last for a short while, it would be a disaster for a long-term relationship.

How to Determine Your Numerology Number?

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No one can answer what kind of individual is suitable for you, but numerology can assist to a certain extent. It helps you find an individual with whom you’ll be compatible, not necessarily in love. To determine a partner based on numerology, you must find your number, calculated by adding the birth date.

For instance,

  • If a person were born on 24.03.2001, their life path digital would be 2+4+3+2+1=12.
  • You have to calculate the sum of individual digits to reduce it to one number, 1+2=3. Here, the life path digital is 3.

You have to sum up the individual digitals of your date of birth to reduce it to one digit.

Knowing it assists in understanding life’s motive, abilities, strengths, natural tendencies, challenges you might face, and a life partner! Now that you know how to determine numerology digits let’s discover your soulmate!

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Numerology Number 1:

Individuals having 1 as their path digit are natural leaders. They are likely to take the command, are independent, and passionate about their feelings. They are always up to lead and say yes to things! If you have 1 as your path number, look for someone who encourages your personality and can get along well with your moody sides.

Most Compatible Numbers: 3 & 5

Least Compatible Numbers: 1 & 8

Numerology Number 2:

Individuals with 2 as their life path are caring, lovable, and emotional people who put their hearts on their sleeves. They are naturally artistic and excellent orators and don’t shy away from expressing what they’re feeling. They are mainly likely to be the ones who take the first step in a relationship.

Most Compatible Numbers: 6 & 8

Least Compatible Numbers: 4 & 7

Numerology Number 3:

People having digit 3 as their path are goal-oriented and intellectual. They are funny, friendly, and good listeners. But, sometimes, they could be so much headstrong to focus on their own lives rather than their partners.

Most Compatible Numbers: 1, 5, & 7

Least Compatible Numbers: 8 & 3

Numerology Number 4:

Individuals having digit 4 as their path like a stable life, with a steady income and a partner. They want to build a life where they both feel safe and secure. That is why they act as the rock in the relationship and are also okay with their partner always taking the command by being the decision-maker.

Most Compatible Numbers: 1 & 8

Least Compatible Numbers: 5 & 3

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Numerology Number 5:

People having 5 as their life path digit possess an innate drive for adventures. They prefer diversity and a passionate relationship, are afraid of living a monotonous life. In a relationship, they look for freedom and space. Such individuals are ideally compatible with those who give them the wings to fly and a home to come back to.

Most Compatible Numbers: 1, 3, & 7

Least Compatible Numbers: 4 & 8

Numerology Number 6:

People with life path digit 6 are understanding partners with a sense of responsibility. They possess a nurturing nature towards their children, friends, and even pets.

Most Compatible Numbers: 2, 8, & 9

Least Compatible Numbers: 5 & 3

Numerology Number 7:

These people are spiritually inclined, intuitive, and deep thinkers. They value meaningful and deep-rooted relationships. One can say that they believe in soulmates rather than a mere partner.

Most Compatible Numbers: 3 & 5

Least Compatible Numbers: 1, 2, & 8

Numerology Number 8:

For people having numerology digit 8, financial stability is of utmost importance. They yearn for finance and position of power but find it challenging to maintain a stable love life and financial security.

Most Compatible Numbers: 2, 3, 4, & 6

Least Compatible Numbers: 1

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Numerology Number 9:

Having number 9 as your path indicates that you’re a generous and loving human being. It is a mighty number as it incorporates the attributes of all the numbers. If your number is 9, it means that you’re a family person who treats their family as their whole world.

Most Compatible Numbers: 2 & 6

Least Compatible Numbers: 8

Final Words

It would be wrong to say that there’s only one person out there for a certain person because there are so many people in this world, having different personalities. If you actually go looking, you will find so many people with whom you’re compatible. But it’s not as easy as it sounds because you can’t go on dating a new person every day to find your soulmate.

It’s exhausting, and there are feeling involved. After all, you’re a human being!

That’s where numerology steps in! Instead of dating every person, it helps you determine the compatibility of the birth date. Then you can decide whether to have a fling or take them seriously!