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How To Pay Yourself From Your Business In Canada?

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Each of us works in a job position according to our qualifications, and education, but also according to our experience. This means that according to all these things, it is necessary to determine the salary that you will receive. No matter what position you work in, your salary is determined according to these parameters.

Even if you are a business owner, you will receive a salary according to your obligations, responsibilities, etc. But what if you are a business owner in Canada? How would you pay your salary in that case? Canadian laws have their own rules, so it’s good to know how you can receive or pay your salary from your company.

Canada has certain restrictions and laws regarding this so it is good to be familiar with everything that exists as a provision. Often a large number of company owners in Canada wonder how to pay themselves, and you are probably wondering how to pay yourself, so today we will talk about this topic. All the necessary and important information about how to pay yourself a salary from your company can be found below. Let’s get started!

Is it possible and how can you get your salary paid by your company in Canada?

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Of course, it is possible, you just need to know how. According to the rules that are set and regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency, which is a government body, salaries can be paid by the owners of the companies to themselves if they are run as employees of the company.

If this is the case, there are two possibilities for payment, and that is through a salary that will be prepared and paid, or through the second possibility – the dividend. This is important information that you all need to know when performing this important task.

Which is better to choose, salary or dividend?

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We are sure that now that you know that there are two options i.e. you can pay salary and dividend you are put in a new dilemma – which one should you choose? Before you are three options from which you can make a decision. You can choose either salary or dividend, or you can choose a combination of both options.

Each of these options has its own benefits but also disadvantages that you should be aware of. Consider the advantages and disadvantages, think and finally decide what will be your choice for the payment of earnings during a month as an employee of your company.

What can be a benefit to you and what is a disadvantage of each of the payment methods offered for business owners in Canada?

As we have already said, you have two options in front of you – an option to receive a cash monthly compensation or to receive a dividend. Both options are acceptable, but before accepting them you need to know the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of taking a salary

Before you are advantages related to retirement, pension insurance, and the days that await you after retirement.

Benefits also come from the aspect of private insurance, life insurance, and savings.

Benefits when it comes to housing, easier mortgage, real estate loans, etc.

Disadvantages of taking a salary:

It takes time to prepare the salary but also resources to complete it all.

You pay more taxes – you pay tax as an employer, but you also pay tax as an employee of the company.

Simply the costs are higher when you pay yourself a salary as a company owner who is an employee of the company.

Now let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of paying a dividend.

Benefits of paying dividends:

Lower costs when it comes to preparation.

Taxes are lower when you pay dividends.

The possibility of paying any additional cost or penalties is also less.

Disadvantages of paying dividends:

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It’s hard to save.

It is difficult to be part of the pension plans and to exercise the right to a pension.

It is more difficult to start saving for life insurance.

Each of these two methods presents certain advantages and disadvantages according to the rules of the system in Canada which are regulated by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

It is also necessary to have experienced persons who would know all the procedures for paying a company owner as an employee of the same company

Part of the team needs to be composed of experienced people who know the rules and procedures for making and paying monthly allowances in relation to work engagement, and they need to know everything when it comes to paying these allowances for the company owner.

If something is not carried out in the right way, there is a danger that the company will be subject to fines and penalties determined by the Canadian authorities, which in certain cases are very high. So keep this in mind when choosing each of the options.

Is the combined method perhaps best in the end?

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The combined salary and dividend payment method is the choice of many co-owners across Canada, so it could be the choice for you too. This method offers a balance that can give you the opportunity for a pension, damage, insurance, obtaining a mortgage, credit, or whatever you need.

On the other hand, you will not be forced to make excessive expenses, to pay too many taxes, which will find a perfect balance that would suit you as an employee of the company, but also for you as the owner of the company in which you are led as an employee.


Payment opportunities exist for company owners in Canada who are run as employees of those companies. One possibility is to pay them a salary and the other is to pay them a dividend.

Salary is considered the best method, but the combined method seems to be the best in every aspect. All that remains is to decide which of the methods will be your choice for paying the money earned as employees of the company.