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3 Best Western Movies in the Last 20 Years

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If you happen to be a person who enjoys watching movies, especially the ones who fall under the category of western movies, you should already know some of these titles. However, if you are new to this, you should take a look at these films because you will surely enjoy them. It is understandable that this is a completely different genre to what is popular at the moment, but there is still fun, and you can sit down and relax with your elderly finding you in these movies.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best western movies that were made in the last twenty years so you can check them out, and if you think you will like them, have a look at them.

The Homesman

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This is a film about an adventure that goes in the wrong way. There are three women who after some serious problems, they lose their mind, and they have to be transported to a different place. They find a man to accompany them. One of the girls is asking him to marry her, where he declines the offer but they still manage to have intercourse. He finds her in the morning hanged, and he thinks about abandoning the rest of the women.

They chase after him, and he decides to still take them back to the place where they had to go. There he makes a grave for the woman. He makes this because he feels bad that he has denied her offer. The movie ends with a part of her grave falling in the water after someone kicks it down.


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This is one of the more interesting films made by Scott Cooper Miami director that is a must see. It starts with a woman who had her whole family killed and she is the only survivor. In the location where the film takes place, there is a native American who has to be transported to a different part of the country. The person responsible for this transportation is an officer, but the expedition consists of more people, including the woman.

After series of events, there are chasings and people are getting killed because of certain activities that they did. When they arrive at the place, a man comes out and tells them that they can’t bury the native American there. There is a shootout where most of them die, but the officer, the woman, and two kids survive. They all go to Chicago to change the way they live.

Meek’s Cutoff

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Like most of the movies of this genre, the film starts with a group of people who are traveling across a desert with a man who is supposed to be their guide. After some time, they start to speculate that he doesn’t know the path and that their route is increasing in time. They start running out on resources, and they confront him. The tension is getting bigger because only the men are participating in the decision-making process.

The women find a local who is alone, and they ask him to guide them to a place where there are resources enough for them to survive, and then take them to the place where they want to go. Meek is suspicious of this person and wants to eliminate him, and the women are protecting him. He takes them to the place where there is water, and the path goes along the way.